Top Shelf Garage™ (TSG) offers heavy-duty shelves, mobile shelving, workbenches, utility carts, tool carts, storage platforms, containment/boot trays and more. Our storage systems are Made in the USA with heavy-duty recycled plastic (HDPE), and are high-quality, durable and long-lasting,


TSG's heavy-duty storage systems are chemical and weather resistant/UV protected. Great for indoors and outdoors. TSG's multipurpose storage and organization systems are modular, customizable, and come in ventilated/open grid and solid top. They are lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble.  See assembly tips here.

We've been in business for almost 40 years and want to help you make your space Top Shelf!  


Versatile, Portable & Easy To Clean Pumpkin Carving Station & Holiday Display Table

October 12, 2018

Carving pumpkins is a messy task.  No one wants slimy pumpkin guts and seeds stuck to the inside of their home. When I was young, my mom would spread newspapers on the floor and kitchen table for us to carve on. That option is better than carving on the bare floors and tables, but it didn't prevent pumpkin gunk from sticking to chairs, walls, and getting all over the place.  Not to mention, these days, we just don't have newspapers lying around the home like we used to. This year I found a much cleaner and more comfortable way to carve pumpkins.  I took one shelf off my modular 3-SHELF STORAGE UNIT WITH SOLID SHELVES- 36"L X 24"W X 54"H... Continue Reading →

Practical Back To School Storage & Organization Solutions

October 03, 2018

  Now that school has started, the clutter is back.  Kids tend to come home and drop their school gear anywhere and everywhere.  Papers, folders, school bags, writing utensils, books etc... get scattered around the entire home, and sometimes, even lost!   “A place for everything and everything in its place’ rings true for school storage and organization.  When looking online about the subject we tend to find storage ideas that need to be built. are expensive, and that are not practical for our home and budget. Here is a simple solution.  Top Shelf Garage (TSG) offers 2,3, and 4 shelf units that come in many different sizes to meet your needs.  TSG's storage solutions are made in the USA with heavy-duty,... Continue Reading →