Top Shelf Garage™ (TSG) offers heavy-duty shelves, mobile shelving, workbenches, utility carts, tool carts, storage platforms, containment/boot trays and more.  Our storage systems are Made in USA with heavy-duty recycled plastic (HDPE).

TSG's HD plastic is chemical and weather resistant, UV protected, durable and long-lasting.  Great for indoors and outdoors.  TSG's multipurpose storage and organization systems are modular, customizable, high-quality and come in ventilated/open grid and solid top.  They are are lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble.  See assembly tips here.

We've been in business for almost 40 years and want to help you make your space Top Shelf!  


Cookie Decorating Station On Wheels

December 14, 2017

Lay out your cookie decorations, supplies and utensils on a sturdy 2-Shelf Cookie Decorating Station with wheels (brakes included).  This portable and lightweight cart can be rolled to wherever is best for you.  Stand or sit, our carts are 30 inches tall. Made in the USA from heavy-duty recycled plastic, don't worry about making a mess.  Our plastic is easy to clean up.  And when you aren't decorating cookies on it, this multipurpose cart can be used for tons of other purposes around the home, indoors and outdoors.Check out TSG's selection of carts HERE.         Continue Reading →

Mobile Laundry Folding Station With Storage

December 12, 2017

CART WITH SOLID SHELVES- 48"L X 24"W X 30"H I think the worst part of doing laundry is folding!  So instead of making it a priority, it is too easy to throw clean clothes on the dining room table, floors, beds, couches or just leave them in baskets.  Some people even live day to day out of these piles. However, laundry doesn't need to be a neglected task. Folding clothes isn't so bad when you are working from a functional, flat surface from which you can organize, fold, and store your clothes. How about a station that you can load up with clean clothes and baskets, then roll in front of the television? Watching TV while folding makes the task... Continue Reading →