Heavy duty & multipurpose plastic shelf systems for home, garage, basement, shed, barn, garden, outdoors & more! 

1,2,3,4 Shelf Units, Shelving On Wheels, Workbenches, Utility Carts, Tool Cart, Platforms, Spill Containment Trays, Boot Trays, and More. Solid and Ventilated shelves are available.

Top Shelf Garage shelving & trays are durable, long-lasting, chemical resistant, weatherproof, easy to assemble, portable and multipurpose. We have tested and improved our shelf systems for over 40 years. They are some of the best heavy duty plastic shelves for sale.

Orders ship within 5-12 business days. We are sorry for the possible long wait time. This is temporary. A tracking order will be emailed to you when shipped.

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Ventilated 2,3,4 Shelf Units, Workbenches, Utility Carts & Platforms Available


Heavy Duty Shelf Units For Homeowners. We offer 2,3,4 Shelf Units, ShelviWorkbenches, Utility Carts, Tool Cart, Trays.. Our shelving is weatherproof, chemical resistant, easy to assemble/disassemble, portable, durable, long-lasting, multipurpose & useful.


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