15 Ways To Use Our Shelves That Can Help You Save & Make Money

May 20, 2021

15 Ways To Use Our Shelves That Can Help You Save & Make Money

TopShelfGarage.com shelf systems are durable, long-lasting, chemical resistant, weatherproof, useful and multipurpose. Our customers get decades of use out of our shelvesOur shelves are made in the USA with heavy duty recycled plastic. (HDPE). The ways you can use our shelving never stops. Because our shelf systems are multipurpose and long-lasting they can actually help you save and make money if you use them. Let me show you how.

1. Arts & Craft Tables. Workbenches. (See Photo Above) Money Maker! Create your arts, crafts, or whatever you make on top, and store your supplies and or finished products on the bottom shelf. Your production, paints, glues, adhesives, turpentine , aerosol sprays, craft dyes, permanent markers, photography chemicals, and other chemicals you use won't ruin our durable shelves. Just wipe clean. 

2. Display Tables. Money Saver & Money Maker!  When it's time to sell your products, use can use the same craft tables you created on as display tables. Our shelf systems are sturdy, modular, lightweight, portable and easy to assemble and disassemble. Our all black tables will look sleek at the sale. 

3. Work Cart. Money Maker. Bring these portable carts to work! Our helpful carts make work easier and more organized.

"These work carts are very convenient on the job and help keep us organized. It's nice having a central and mobile location to put our tools and equipment and not having to run back and forth to the trailer a bunch of times." -Sheldon, Finish Carpenter


4. Photography Cart. Money Maker. Roll your equipment all around the studio on these helpful carts! No more lugging equipment back and forth. Store it all on a rolling cart!

"I love the cart. It is the best thing I have added to my studio. It is so helpful to have a central and mobile work space to store my camera and equipment on. Makes my job so much easier, Barry said. "It looks stylish and sharp too."  -Barry, Headshot Photographer


5. Cleaning Cart. Money maker and money saver. Use our carts to help clean professionally. Or use them to save money and clean on your own.

"I clean and organize for a living and I bring this cart to many of my larger jobs. I can easily take the top shelf apart and pack it in the back of my SUV. It's the most convenient cart I have ever worked with. And I have worked at businesses who have supplied cleaning carts for our supplies. This one is the best. It is lightweight, has brakes, is portable, and rolls really well." -Sarah, Professional Cleaner



6. Portable DeskMoney Maker & Money SaverWork more at home on our portable desks. You will never have to buy another desk again.

If you work from home and are like me, you may get bored working at the same desk and in the same office every day. So change it up with our shelf Add Ons which make the best portable desks. Each shelf Add-On can stand independently on its 24 inch legs to serve as a table. See below,

You can carry the lightweight shelves with 4 legs attached from room to room or outside. If you are going far, you can easily remove the 4 legs and carry them separately. 

If you don't want a shelf unit but want a Portable Desk Shelf Add-On, Please GO HERE.

7. Modular Standing Desk. Put your standing desk together how it suits you best. Money Maker & Money Saver. Our sturdy Workbenches and 2 Shelf Units make excellent standing desks. The difference is the workbench stands 36 inches tall and the 2 shelf unit stands 30 inches tall.

Below is how our workbenches are configured. 12 inch legs on the ground, Then a shelf. Then 24 inch legs and another shelf.


But LOOK how I reconfigured the workbench below. I have the 24 inch legs on the ground, a shelf, then 12 inch legs and another shelf.


This workbench will save you from ever having to buy a standing desk! And when you aren't working on it, you can use it for much more!


8Standing Desk for Kids with parental supervision! Money saver. No more worrying about kids ruining your tables with their artwork! Our heavy duty plastic 2 shelf units make a great desk for kids to Create & Learn on. They can do homework, art, puzzles, holiday decor, games, coloring, and so much more more on our 2 shelf units. Keep them busy for hours.

Put supplies on the bottom shelf and don't worry about their creative messes any more. Just wipe clean. 

*For 6 inches shorter, you can take off the shelf and stand it on its 24 inch legs.


9. Indoor Potting Benches. Money Saver. Our heavy duty shelf units are chemical resistant and weatherproof. Plant on top, store on bottom. Your mess won't hurt them even if you don't clean it up. Grow your own veggies, herbs, lettuces and more inside! 





 9. Indoor Grow Shelves. Money Saver. After planting on our shelves, you can container grow on them. Easily hang lights from our ventilated shelves and grow on our shelves indoors!

Made to fit our 24 inch deep shelves, placing 2 spill trays under the bottom shelves will save your floors from getting wet when watering.

*Solid & Ventilated shelves available.


 *In one week, I am going to set up 2 utility carts on my back porch and finish container growing the veggies outside.


11. Outdoor Potting Benches, Grow Shelves, Container Grow Shelving.  Money Saver. Plant and grow your own plants, veggies and fruits in containers outside on our shelves!

Top Shelf Garage's weatherproof shelves love to be outside year round.

12. Garage Shelves. Money Saver. Organize your home & garage! Our heavy duty shelf systems will last for decades so no more broken and deteriorated shelves. They are durable, long-lasting, weatherproof, and chemical resistant. Ventilated Shelves are available to keep your belongings even drier!

Made in USA with heavy duty recycled plastic, you won't be disappointed.

Fill up Top Shelf Garage shelves with your stuff!


13. Garage Sale Tables. Money Maker & Money Saver. Save money and make money on our shelves at the garage sale. Top Shelf Garage 2 shelf units make the best garage sale tables. So when it's time to have the garage sale, look no further than your garage for tables. Sure taking all of your items off the 4 shelf may take a few minutes & be a little work but think about the money you will save not having to buy tables.

You can break a 4 Shelf Unit down to 3 tables and 6 inch platform As you see on the 4 shelf below, each shelf can stand on its 24 inch legs. So from this one shelf, you have three 66L x 24W X 24H  garage sale tables and one 66L x 24W X 6H platform to sell on.


14. Graduation Tables.  Party Tables.  Money Maker & Money Saver. 

When it's time for the kids to graduate look no further than your own garage for some extra food serving tables, carts, memorabilia tables, gift tables, and party tables. 

66"L X 24"W X 30"H

66"L X 24"W X 30"H


Our Carts work great to for rolling party tables because you can easily move all the gifts, memorabilia, and serving dishes/food around at once instead of moving it individually. Also,  if you have very heavy items, you can just put them on the carts and roll them quick and easy to their destination.

 66"L X 24"W X 30"H


14. Dorm Room Tables. Money Saver. When the your kids move away, the shelves can go with. I know dorm rooms aren't very big so imagine all the different ways they could use a shelf like the one the below. 

Your kids can use these shelves as closet & storage shelves, tv stands, desks, standing desks, a one stop homework table, laundry folding tables, drawing tables, card tables, arts & crafts tables. Whatever they may do. They can create on top and store on bottom.

One 2 shelf by the front door can serve as a one stop shot to put their keys, homework, books etc....


36"L X 24"W X 30"H





15. Chemical Storage. Money saver.  Don't destroy your floors or shelves. Store your chemicals on our durable and chemical resistant shelf units.  Made in USA with heavy-duty recycled plastic, our storage solutions won't let you down.

*Our shelves come in solid and ventilated top shelves.

Catch any chemical droppings with our all black and color-coded containment trays.


I hope this gives you an idea of how our shelf units can help you save and make money, especially if you use them as much as you can.

 The more you use them, the more you will save and make. 

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