Before & After Photos From Top Shelf Garage Customer

I love getting photos of how customers use’s storage solutions.

Today, Top Shelf Garage got an email from Tonia, along with some before and after photos of her garage. And boy, I would not want to clean her garage. But having been in her shoes, I know how great it feels when the job is done. I am posting Tonia’s email and photos below. I want to thank Tonia for purchasing TSG’s garage organization units and especially for taking the time to email before and after photos. They will be added to’sgallery. 

Top Shelf Garage has put Tonia’s before and after photos together in one image and want to point out that the photos were taken from opposite sides of the garage.

Her garage looks top shelf!

To Top Shelf Garage,

After moving into a new home nearly 3 years ago, I still hadn’t cleaned my garage. There were tools of all kinds, shovels, lawn equipment , strollers, dog stuff, boxes full of stuff, chargers etc.. You name it, there was a good chance it was laying on my garage floor. I haven’t been able to park in my garage the entire time I have lived at my new home, and finding my things was a pain. I dreaded cleaning the garage so I didn’t. Plus, I couldn’t find any storage units that met my needs.

I wanted heavy duty organization units, plastic, something easy to put together and it was mandatory I could buy wheel attachments.

I found’s blog online which directed to me to the website, and I found products that were exactly what I was looking for and more. I love that the products are all made in the USA and from recycled plastic. I also liked that I could buy solid and grid top. Anyways, I took some before and after photos because if I was going to actually clean my garage, I wanted my husband to remember what the garage looked like before I spent the entire day cleaning and organizing it.

I thought I would send them to you too because I am so happy about how my garage looks now. I am even gonna have a neighborhood party in it in a few weeks.

I will definitely get more storage units from Top Shelf Garage in the future if needed. The free shipping was much appreciated.

Thanks so much,


Meg R. is the director of . She loves high quality products that are made in the USA.

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