16, 24, & 36 Inch Wide Closet Shelves

May 17, 2022

16, 24, & 36 Inch Wide Closet Shelves

Closets come in many different sizes & so do our easy to assemble, portable, and multipurpose shelves. Made in the USA with heavy duty recycled plastic for over 40 years, Top Shelf Garage's shelving systems come in 16, 24, and 36 inches wide. Our 16 inch wide shelves are the best fit for your standard 24 inch deep closets at home. Our 16 inch wide shelves come in ventilated top only. 

*Sorry for the inconvenience, but we are currently on backorder for 36"x16" panels. We expect those to be back in stock by the end of June, at which time we will ship out backorders in the order they were received.

Our ventilated top shelves work great in closets because you can hang hangers, necklaces, key chains, scarves, shoelaces and more from the open grid shelves. The ventilation also allows airflow to your possessions.

The closet above is a mess.  But all it needed was a 2 shelf unit and a little organization, below.

Next, is the cleaning closet. The built in shelves on the left are full and I wouldn't even want my cleaners on them because I'd need to protect the shelves. So instead, I put cleaning supplies on the floor which was a waste of space.

To correct the mess, I moved the cleaners and supplies onto a 36L X 24W cart in this closet (below). The closet is 28 inches deep so it's a good fit for our size 24 inch wide shelf and cart. Now that I have my cleaners on one mobile spot, I can roll the cart from room to room. Not up or down the stairs, but I can roll it to the stairs and put on its brakes. Storing cleaning supplies on this cart also freed up a lot of space in my hall and bathroom closets. Having all your cleaning supplies in one mobile spot makes cleaning easier and quicker. 

Below is a never been used 80L x 80W sauna space that is used like a walk in closet. 

The 36L x 36 W shelf unit fits good in a corner. But notice only part of the modular 2 shelf unit is being used below. This is a light load so I will use the extra four 24 inch legs and other shelf in the garage or in my indoor/outdoor container garden.

Made in the USA with heavy duty recycled plastic, our modular shelves are multipurpose, useful, durable, easy to assemble/disassemble, chemical resistant, weatherproof and portable. When you are done using them in the closet, our shelves can be used all over the home, garage, basement, and outdoors! 

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