2022 New Year’s Resolutions: Get Organized, Clean Your Home, Save Money, Make Money & Get In Shape

December 30, 2021

2022 New Year’s Resolutions: Get Organized, Clean Your Home, Save Money, Make Money & Get In Shape

Organization, saving money, making money, cleaning, and getting in better shape are common resolutions. But following through on all  your resolutions is not so common. It's easy to not organize, not work, not clean, not eat healthy, and not work out. So let me show you how our Heavy Duty Recycled Plastic & American Made Shelf Units, Workbenches, Standing Deks, Workbenches on Wheels & Utility Carts can help motivate and hold you accountable.

1. Get Organized. Shelves are a great way to get organized. And if buy them, you will use them or else your are wasting money. No one wants to waste money.

I put some prepper food/items and my indoor/outdoor gardening supplies on the floor. I should have set up the shelves first but I didn't have the ones I wanted. See above. Look how unorganized and ugly that looks. Plus, it takes up all the space. But look how much better my belongings look (BELOW) when organized on our shelves. I even have room for another unit in the middle and floor space.

On the left, are my prepper items. On the right, are my gardening supplies. I plan to grow seedlings, fast growing veggies, and lettuce on the shelves on the right, with lights, this winter.  Then I'll move the same shelves outside to container grow on in the summer.

2. Clean Your Home. No counters should look like this! 

Clear your counters off on our 2 shelf utility carts then scrub away! Our chemical resistant carts, with brakes, make cleaning easier because all your cleaning products are in one mobile spot which you can roll from room to room. Put your soapy filled bucket on top. No more bending over to put things on the ground while you clean underneath them. Our carts make cleaning easier which motivates me more to clean.

I fit all the stuff on the counters on the top shelf of the cart.

3. SAVE MONEY.  You can save money with our shelves because they are durable, long-lasting and multipurpose. Customers use the same shelves for decades. And they can be used in countless ways, indoors and outdoors. This will prevent you from having to buy so many other shelves, workbenches, carts, tables etc... over a lifetime. Just reuse ours. The ways to use our shelves never stops!

Also, you can use our shelf systems and trays for dirty work and kid projects that would wreck your furniture. So you save money also by not destroying your nice tables.

Check out some of the multipurpose ways you can use our shelf systems.


The customer below creates her art on top of two 66L X 24W & 36H solid top workbenches.

We have many different sizes to choose from. 

Then she wipes her workbenches clean and displays her masterpieces on the same shelves plus 1. Our lightweight but heavy duty shelves are easy to assemble and disassemble which makes them portable.

Another way to make money on our shelves is to use them as a sitting or standing desk. The 2 shelf units are 30 inches tall. And the workbenches are 36 inches tall. You can use them as a sitting desk too with the right size chair or stool. 

5. Get In Shape- Our shelves can also help you get in shape and eat healthier by serving as a Fitness Command Center. A place to not only store your weights and exercise equipment, but also to also hold your cookbooks, exercise journals, water, energy bars, scale, and whatever else you need to get moving and eating right!

Check out all of our shelves, mobile shelves, workbenches, utility carts, trays and platforms. They are some of the best and most helpful shelves for sale online.

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