3 Different Ways To Use A Shelf From TopShelfGarage.com

September 20, 2021

3 Different Ways To Use A Shelf From TopShelfGarage.com
TopShelfGarage.com shelf units are modular. As I discussed in the last blog, the 6,12 and 24 inch legs, and same size shelf panels, can be used interchangeably to create different configurations of shelf units. However, there are also different ways you can use the shelves other than stacking up in a shelf unit. Let me show you three. 

1. When you need a little lift,  you can lay our ventilated & solid top shelves directly on the ground without their legs. 

How tall is each panel? As you can see below, each panel are 2 5/8" thick .

2. A few inches higher.  The bottom shelf of all of our 2,3, and 4 shelf units come on 6 inch legs, and can used used on their own.   


 3. 2 feet off the ground. There are 24 inch legs between all the shelves and each shelf can stand independently on its legs. Our Shelf Add-Ons make useful portable tables too.  You can easily remove the 24 inch legs, stick them in a bag and bring your shelf with you.



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