Container Garden Indoors & Outdoors, Year Round, On

January 27, 2022

Container Garden Indoors & Outdoors, Year Round, On

Just because you don't have land to grow on, does not mean you can't grow your own veggies, lettuces, fruits and herbs. In fact, our heavy duty & recycled plastic shelf systems make container gardening and potting easy & enjoyable

The container garden that I grew on our shelves this past winter and summer grew great. We have a short grow season outdoors, but I learned a lot about Container Gardening. Next year, I will choose my veggie plants wiser and do an even better job. But most importantly, I learned from my container garden experience in 2020 & 2021 that you can most definitely grow many veggies, herbs, and lettuces in containers.

Our lightweight & heavy duty recycled plastic shelf systems are modular, easy to assemble/disassemble, portable, weatherproof, chemical resistant, durable, long-lasting, multipurpose and useful. They also come in solid and ventilated top shelves.  

I was able to grow on the ventilated shelves indoors, with grow lights, then easily move the same shelves outdoors to grow on when the time was right. 

Over the summer, cobwebs and dirt got all over the shelves but after I removed the container garden, I was able to spray off the shelves easily with a hose. You can also fill up a bucket with water and a few drops of dish soap or your favorite cleaner and wash the shelves and containers more. 

After cleaning up the shelves, I brought them inside and set them up for my indoor container garden that I am preparing for. Some of the legs were still dirty or spotty looking after spraying them off so I wiped them down with a Clorox wipe. That fixed the problem.

Last year, I bought made in the USA LED lights that hang perfectly from our ventilated shelves. They were so easy to hang. Each Happy Leaf Light comes with 2 vertically adjustable eye bolts. There are different options to hang them. Let me show you how they hang from our ventilated shelf units.

I lost a few of the adjustable eye bolts but was able to still hang the lights from our ventilated shelves without them. See below.'s heavy duty recycled plastic shelf units make excellent Container Garden grow tables for indoors and outdoors. They also serve as potting workbenches with an extra shelf to store on. Our weatherproof, easy to assemble and  portable grow tables, won't let you down.

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