Best Garage Shelving Of 2022

August 03, 2022

Best Garage Shelving Of 2022

I was looking on the internet for the Best Garage Shelving Of 2022. I saw many lists but Top Shelf Garage shelves were not on any of the lists. I’m not sure how to be considered for those lists so I decided to award our shelves with the Best Garage Shelving of 2022. Lol. However, I do think our shelves, shelving on wheels, workbenches, utility carts and platforms could take first place if they were considered. Let me tell you why.

Made in the USA for over 43 years with heavy duty recycled plastic, our shelves, mobile shelving, utility carts, workbenches & platforms are: modular, easy to assemble & disassemble, lightweight, portable, weatherproof, chemical resistant, durable, long-lasting, and multipurpose.The ways to use our shelf systems never stops, and that is what makes them the best. They are some of the most multipurpose and useful shelves for sale online.

You can easily and quickly set them up and take them down. You can assemble the shelf units exactly how they look on their product pages. Or you can reconfigure them a few different ways. The 6,12, and 24 inch legs are interchangeable and so are the solid and ventilated shelves of the same size. The easiest way to mix the two is to buy the solid or ventilated shelf unit that you want. Then to also buy a shelf add on of the same size but opposite shelf type. Or buy one solid and one ventilated unit of the same size of shelves, workbenches, carts, mobile shelves and or platforms. Then you can mix and match them all.

You can lay the shelves directly on the ground and build up or put legs or castors under the bottom shelf. Each shelf is about 2 and 5/8 inches high so you can use the shelf on the ground by itself for little lift too. You can also use each shelf alone, standing on its 6,12, or 24 inch legs.

Our modular shelf systems were built to be used in garages, but over the past 4 decades, we have improved and learned that our portable shelves can be used almost anywhere, including outdoors.

Check out our solid and ventilated garage shelves HERE. 

heavy duty  plastic garage shelves









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