Portable Container Gardening Shelves: Bring Your Container Garden With You!

June 01, 2022

Portable Container Gardening Shelves: Bring Your Container Garden With You!

I started growing my container garden on May 5, indoors on Top Shelf Garage shelves, with LED lights. Many of the seedlings are growing great and others are still small. I just counted my plants. I have 175 growing! I ruined my notes with water about what I planted where.  I know I planted bell peppers in several colors, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, beets, green onions, peas, cilantro and maybe a few more. But you have to know what your seedlings are when  repotting so you make sure to put it in a container that’s big enough. If your hand drawn diagrams fail like mine did then you can still figure it out by the leaves. Just ask someone who knows or look on the internet. 

I was supposed to repot the seedlings in larger containers, outdoors, on Memorial Day weekend. But they’re not all ready, and I went on vacation that weekend. Three days with no water or light would definitely not help my 175 growing seedlings so I decided to bring them on vacation with me. This way, I’ll be able to water the plants and get them some real sun.

Thanks to our lightweight, portable gardening shelves and gardening trays, I was able to quickly pack and travel with my seedlings, lettuce & shelves. I put all 175 seedlings on 2 of our trays then put them in the truck bed. I moved them around on those trays like that all weekend. I also packed two of the ventilated 16 inch wide shelves I grew them on indoors and 12 legs to grow on. But it turned out, all I needed was one shelf and six 24 inch legs  

We arrived with no spills. I easily unpacked my seedlings on trays, lettuce, shelves, and legs from the truck bed and carried them inside for the night. Considering it still gets cold at night, I will bring my small vegetable plants indoors every night on their trays.

The next few days were partly sunny and warm so I set up one 66L x 16W ventilated shelf and stood it on its 24 inch legs. Then I set the trays with seedlings on the ventilated 16 inch wide shelf. Our 30 x 24 X 1 trays are made to fit our 24 inch wide shelves, but they worked great on the 16 inch wide shelf below for this purpose. My small plants enjoyed the outdoors, and had a great vacation by the water all day. 

Since the hose was in the front of the house, I had to bring my seedlings there to be watered once a day. I carried each tray first, the lettuce, then the shelf. I just picked up the lightweight shelf by the ventilated grid. Moving all the seedlings on the trays made it possible. I only had to make 4 trips for my entire garden as opposed to 15-20 trips if I had to carry all the containers separately.   

Container gardening, growing and potting is easy on Top Shelf Garage’s portable and easy to assemble/disassemble shelves, workbenches, carts, and platforms. Made in the USA with heavy duty recycled plastic, for over 40 years, our shelf systems and trays are weatherproof, chemical resistant, durable, long-lasting and multipurpose. Solid and ventilated shelves are available. 

See more at https://www.topshelfgarage.com/collections/heavy-duty-shelves

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