Can You Add Color To Your Shelves?

July 27, 2022

Top Shelf Garage shelf systems come in all black. However, people have asked if there is a way to add color to them. The easiest and safest way to add color to our shelving is to put a runner or table cloth on top. But that does not work for everyone because they want to paint them.  

Our shelving is not meant to be painted. So if they are painted, then the warranty is void. However, once you buy our shelves, they’re yours and you can try to add color. 

I spray painted a 36 x 24 panel with Rust-Oleum Paint & Primer to see what it looks like. This spray paint sticks. I think it looks good. I did 2 coats. I should have chosen a better color like green, blue, red, sand color etc.. 

Next, I am going to paint the legs of a different shelf to see how that looks.

The legs of our shelves are made with virgin plastic. The shelves are made with heavy duty recycled plastic. Our shelf systems & legs were not built to be spray painted, painted or changed. So if you do change their color, the warranty will be void. 

I am going to spray paint the pink one black again. 

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