Clean Seasonal Items With A Power Washer

Spring is the perfect time to clean your grimy grill grates, salty snow equipment, or other seasonal items. Power washing is an effective and non-toxic way to remove the baked-on grease caking your grill grates and the salt crust from your snow shovels and equipment. 

Use one of our platforms (pictured below), instead of laying your items on the dirty ground. You can avoid damage from the direct power wash spray to your grass and plants.  Plus, the platform elevates your dirty items 12 inches off the ground, so you can get a better look at them.

Pictured below is our durable 36"L X 24"W X 12"H PLATFORM W/OPEN GRID TOP.  Our platforms come in many different sizes so if you need a larger platform, we've got it.



To clean grill grates, lay the grates on our open grid top platform and place a few rods or sticks through the grates and grid panels. This will keep them secure when the water starts flowing. 



Our grid-top panels allow the water and gunk to flow down to the ground.




When you are finished, just spray off the platform and it's ready for the next task.  Below, we have placed and secured salty snow shovels and a salt spreader on the platform to power wash. Once again, the dirt and salt flows right through the grid top and on to the ground without any back splash. 




When you are all finished cleaning your seasonal items, just spray off the platform and either sweep or hose down the rest.


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