Clean Your Counters With Our Mobile Home Cleaning Cart!

July 10, 2020

Clean Your Counters With Our Mobile Home Cleaning Cart!

Kitchen counters get cluttered and dirty. Bits of food hide under and around the clutter, sticky goo gets all over and becomes hard, and lots of germs accumulate if not properly cleaned. Over time counters can become an unsanitary and disgusting mess unless everything is removed, and the counters are cleaned thoroughly.

Before I got the featured cart, cleaning counters completely didn't happen due to the fact I didn't want to take the time and effort to clear the counters and wipe and bleach them down. However, because of this cart, my counters have never been cleaner. 

Just wheel the 2-shelf cart into the kitchen, put the brakes on, and put all of your items on the shelves.

Then scrub, bleach, and clean all of the grime off in just a few minutes. 

Check out our selection of modular carts that make cleaning your entire home easier.


*Castors for carts are made in Canada and have been for 30 years. They are our neighbor.

Everything else made in USA.


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