Closet Organizers & Closet Shelves

August 27, 2021

Closet Organizers & Closet Shelves

No closet should look like this. Other than the fact it's messy & disorganized, having the food at waste level makes feeding the dogs easier.

All it takes is one shelf to fix. The 36L X 16W X 30H Ventilated 2 shelf unit is a great fit for smaller closets. The 16 inch wide shelf units also come in 3 and 4 shelf units & 66 inches long.  

All of our shelf units are modular so you can easily add another shelf if and when you need it. I also like that you can hang clothes on hangers, leashes, harnesses, bandanas, and more from the ventilated shelves. The shelf is lightweight so I could easily slide it around in the closet with the shelves full.

Made in the USA with heavy duty, recycled plastic,'s shelf units are easy to assemble/disassemble, portable, lightweight, durable, long-lasting, weatherproof, chemical resistant, multipurpose, useful and more.

See 16 inch wide shelves HERE. 16 inch shelves do not come in solid top. See all of our shelf systems. 

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