Container Garden Indoors Then Outdoors On

January 27, 2022

Container Garden Indoors Then Outdoors On

When Covid hit, I decided I wanted to grow veggies, fruits & herbs. My choices were to grow on a raised & screened in garden built by a carpenter outdoors that would likely take forever to get built or grow a Container Garden on the shelves I already had.

Always looking to save money & time, I decided to grow a Container Garden on portable shelves. Plus, it lets me see if our shelves work good as Container Garden Shelves.  

I grew 80% of the Container Garden above indoors on our ventilated shelf units with grow lights. This is the first time I’ve grown anything except for lettuce in Containers once so there is good chance I’m doing things wrong. But hopefully you can see better how our modular shelves can work for you to grow on.   

I have made 3 mistakes that appear to have slowed growth of all the plants.  Also, it has rained all day for many days.   

My first mistake was I planted my Container Garden three weeks late  I was supposed to plant my seedlings in containers outside on Memorial Day. So some of the seedlings were overgrown with roots and they got a late start.   

The second  mistake I made was a big one. I planted all my seedlings outdoors in containers with Topsoil. What was I thinking?!  It said vegetable & outdoors on the bag. And people who have never container gardened before told me dirt was dirt. So after carrying 20 heavy bags of Topsoil from my truck to the back porch by myself, and after filling up each container with TopSoil, and after planting all my seedlings, I realized a week later that this Topsoil from the Farmer store was not going to work.

The seedlings did not look happy or like they were getting any bigger because the Topsoil was so compact and heavy that they couldn’t breathe. So I had to empty all the heavy Topsoil in the woods. Then I had to go back to the Farmer store and get Miracle Grow Potting Soil.

So after I wheelbarrowed all the heavy Topsoil  away, I carried the 20 bags of Miracle Grow Potting Soil to the back porch. This soil was lightweight so it was not annoying and difficult like the Topsoil. 

Then I refilled the containers with the fluffy Miracle Grow Potting Soil and replanted all my seedlings. My seedlings were relieved and happy to be able to grow better.  So make sure you get Potting Soil when you container garden.  

All the plants survived but two. Now 3 plants aren’t growing which brings me to the third and fourth mistakes I made.   

Since I am new to gardening, I did not get all the right containers. So I realize now some of my already potted containers do not have enough holes in the bottom. Make sure you get large and deep containers with several holes for the water to drain out. If necessary you can even put holes in yourself but don’t destroy the entire bottom. It’s easier to just buy containers like this below with several smaller holes in the bottom.  

The fourth mistake I made was I fertilized the container garden three weeks late. I knew Miracle Grow Potting soil had fertilizer in it but I learned you have to fertilize it after one month, every two weeks.

So these photos are all of a container garden that was planted in heavy Topsoil for a week then replanted in Potting Soil, was planted and fertilized late, still does and still not have enough drainage in several containers. I need to somehow cut more holes in bottom. 

My Container Garden could look better and so could the shelves but I’m just learning to grow

My harvest so far has been 3 jalapeños, 7 small tomatoes, 14 green beans, nonstop cilantro, and a cucumber. Considering I don’t eat enough vegetables those 14 green beans and one cucumber matter plus they taste delicious  








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