Grow Lettuce Indoors With LED Lights On Our American Made, Heavy Duty, Recycled Plastic Shelves

September 09, 2022

Grow Lettuce Indoors With LED Lights On Our American Made, Heavy Duty, Recycled Plastic  Shelves

When washing lettuce to eat, do you ever wonder how to clean off all the germs? I usually use scalding hot water on my lettuce which often ruins it a little. Maybe I just need a salad spinner. But instead, I decided to grow my own lettuce indoors. I have done it a few times before, and it grew great, but I’d like to grow a little more seriously this time. I’d like fresh lettuce every week.       

I already have the shelveslights, 2 containers with holes in the bottom, and container potting soil so it should be pretty easy to get started. I just need lettuce seeds, and more containers. Experts say, you can use a lot of different types of containers. Just make sure they are 6-12 inches deep, have holes in the bottom (or you can poke holes in the bottom), and are sanitized. The easiest and cheapest containers that I have found is in the photo above on the bottom shelf. That is a 6 inch deep plastic storage bin that I poked holes in the bottom with a hammer and nail. But you can find better looking containers, and many already have holes in the bottom.

I prefer to grow with LED lights on our 16 inch wide shelves because they have several smaller holes around each leg socket that our 24 and 36 inch wide shelves do not have. So with the Happy Leaf LED lights and the cord stoppers I use, the 16 inch wide shelves work best for me. See below.

You can also hang LED lights from our 24 and 36 inch ventilated shelves. But you would need a larger cord stopper to not fall between the ventilated holes. Or a different light set up. 

For more information about how to grow lettuce indoors, Cali Kim has many informative videos on YouTube. 

In the video above, the lights are too far from the seeds. The LED  should be about 2 inches from the seeds and seedlings so they don’t grow leggy. This light set up is adjustable. You can easily raise or lower the lights. 

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