Check Out Our Container Garden Shelves

July 16, 2021

Check Out Our Container Garden Shelves

When Covid hit, I decided I wanted to try to start growing vegetables, herbs & fruits. However, I do not have farmable land and had never grown anything before. So after research, my choices were a raised garden bed which would cost me a lot of money because I would want one to be built & screened in due to the wildlife all over. My second choice was a Container Garden on shelves on my raised back porch.

Considering I already had large, portable & weatherproof shelves, a Container Garden was the clear winner. I've never grown anything but lettuce the first year Covid hit. But that taught me that I could grow in containers. So I did more research and learned that I could actually grow seeds indoors on my ventilated shelves then bring the same shelves outdoors to grow on when the time was right. So that is exactly what I did. 

First, I found the best Made in USA LED lights. These Happy Leaf  lights hang perfectly from Ventilated Shelf Units. You can even get ventilated shelves on wheels which makes moving your plants around easy. Then I got the seeds of vegetables that all needed about the same water and sunlight. Mostly green peppers, including halepenos. I also got jgreen beans, tomatoes, cilantro, cucumbers, and I don't remember what else. It is helpful if you can label your plants but my system didn't work well and got sprayed off from watering. I tried to draw a diagram but that didn't work well either. Too many seeds! Next time, I will do better.

I grew 80% of the vegetable plants below from seeds indoors on our shelves. Then I was able to bring the same exact shelves outdoors to grow on. However, I have so many shelves all over my house and garage that I decided in the middle of the grow that I wanted to use shelves on wheels so that I could move them around the porch if necessary.. 

I grew indoors on the two shelves in the center row. Our modular shelves can also stand on their legs.   

Yesterday, July 15, my Container Garden looks like this below. I have only been able to harvest cilantro (which I didn't grow from seed either), 5 small tomatoes and 3 jalepenos. I think I would have more vegetable growth but I repotted the seedlings outdoors 3 weeks late. And I also was three weeks late on the first fertilizer application so I guess my vegetables are six weeks behind where they could or should be.

Despite the late potting and fertilization, the green peppers & jalapenos were growing good still. The green beans were still okay and so were the tomatoes but everything was starting to brown and not look good. So I fertilized as soon as I realized I was supposed to. And overnight the vegetables started to grow.



We had one tornado warning in the past 2 months. I was able to bring all my pots and shelves indoors quick and easy.

What I have learned is TopShelfGarage shelves work great for growing vegetables indoors and outdoors. Plus, they make the best potting benches. And if you sell your veggies, our portable shelves can go with you to the farmer's market to serve as display table.

Made in USA with heavy duty recycled plastic, our shelves are weatherproof, chemical resistant, durable, long-lasting, easy to assemble/disassemble, modular, portable, useful and multipurpose.

When you are done container gardening on our shelves, you can use them for so much more.

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