Do Velcro, Reflective Tape, & Self-Adhesive Reflectors Stick To Your Heavy Duty Recycled Plastic

July 26, 2022

Do Velcro, Reflective Tape, & Self-Adhesive Reflectors Stick To Your Heavy Duty Recycled Plastic

A customer recently asked how if she could attach reflectors to the sides of our platforms for outdoor use, in order to pass an inspection. I had taped photos and decorations to our plastic before and it worked good. But I had never experimented with reflectors, outdoors, so I went to Home Depot to see what I could find.

They only had a 3 choices so I bought them all: Velcro, Self Adhesive Reflectors, Self Adhesive Reflector Strips. As you can see in the photo above, they all stick. For how long, outside, I am not sure. I am going to look online for more heavy duty and outdoor reflectors that stick to plastic. Then I’ll set up a shelf outside to see how they work year round.  And update this blog. 

But for now, this was all I had to test. So I stuck each option to the plastic, and I peeled it off and moved them around several times, if I could. From the research I did, if you like Velcro then this is a good choice because it sticks well and you can peel it off and move it if you have to, The large red reflector’s sticky tape was not as good as the tape on the Velcro. It stuck but the reflector was way too big. So if you like this option, I suggest you find smaller & more heavy duty reflectors.

I think the reflector tape sticks the best. But once it's stuck, it's there for awhile. You can't move it around because when you peel it off, it tears. I would suggest this option, but to look for more heavy duty and outdoor reflector tape, online, that sticks to plastic.

I think it’s a personal preference so I suggest you search online for the best options. Then try them out on our shelves to see which one you like best. Our shelves were not made for things to stick to them but you can.  However, you’re going to want to check on the reflectors and reflector tape occasionally to see how they’re holding up, outside, because they will eventually come off outside.

So my answer to the customer was, certain tapes, Velcro, and reflectors can be stuck to our shelves. But our shelves were not built for his purpose so it will likely come off at some point. I suggested she look online and try all of the options above to see which works best for her.

Then I ordered more heavy duty reflector tape on Amazon. It was hard to get that yellow and black tape off so I just taped over it. If you wanted to take the yellow reflector tape off, you would need hot soapy water, a flat razor and some time. 











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