Dogs Eat More Comfortably With A Dog Bowl Riser

Do you ever watch your dog eat and drink from their bowls?  Do you notice them hunched over trying to get every last piece of food?  Like people, dogs can suffer from neck and back pain.  Dogs have no choice when it comes to positioning the bowl they eat from, but their owners do!



Check out Top Shelf Garage’s Dog Bowl Riser.  It raises your dog's bowl 6 inches off the floor to a comfortable and natural height for eating.  Great for medium to large size dogs.  For aggressive eaters, we suggest using rubber or silicone bottomed bowls.

Made in USA with heavy-duty recycled plastic, this multipurpose Dog Bowl Riser is durable and long-lasting.  It won’t absorb water or the smell of dog food.  When it’s time to clean, you just hose it off.

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