Sit Stand Desks, Standing Desks, & Adjustable Desks

July 25, 2022

Sit Stand Desks,  Standing Desks, & Adjustable Desks

Check out Top Shelf Garage's 2-shelf Workbenches. They make great Sit Stand Desks, Standing Desks & Adjustable Desks. Our Workbenches stand 36 inches tall when assembled how intended. But there are several different ways to configure and use our Workbenches as desks because our 12 and 24 inch legs are interchangeable, and can both be set directly on the ground. You can also remove the bottom 12 inch legs from our Workbenches, and set the bottom shelf panel directly on the ground, and build up.  In the photo above I have my monitor on a 6 inch high storage stacker  because it is more comfortable. 

For a 30 inch tall desk and 6 inch legs, check out our 2 shelf units.

Made in the USA with heavy duty recycled plastic, for over 40 years, our modular shelf systems are easy to assemble/disassemble, lightweight, portable, weatherproof, chemical resistant, durable and long-lasting. We offer solid and ventilated top shelves. You can mix and match the two with our shelf add-ons.

You can decorate our shelves also. I like to put photos on my desk, but they always get in the way. So I taped them across the front on a Solid 66L x 24W x 36H Workbench. You can wrap decorations around the legs, add stickers, and more.

Our workbenches have stood the test of time.



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