Easy To Assemble Scrapbook Tables & Scrapbook Carts

April 28, 2022

Easy To Assemble Scrapbook Tables & Scrapbook Carts

Check out Top Shelf Garage’s chemical resistant shelves, shelving on wheels, utility carts, workbenches, and trays.  Made in the USA, for over 40 years, with heavy duty recycled plastic, our shelves make the best Scrapbook Carts & Scrapbook Tables. 

Our modular shelf systems are multipurpose, easy to assemble/disassemble, portable, chemical resistant, weatherproof, durable, & long-lasting. Scrapbook on the top and store on the bottom. Hot glues, dyes, paints, and other messy scrapbooking art supplies won’t hurt our heavy duty shelves. Just wipe clean with your favorite cleaner, water, or dish soap.  

We have many different sizes for you to choose from. Solid and ventilates shelves are available. The 2 shelf units are 30 inches high, workbenches are 36 inches high, and carts are 30 inches high. You can also take off a shelf, or buy a shelf add-on, and place it on the ground, on it's 24 inch legs, for little kids to use as a standing desk.

As you can see in the photo, I have 563 photos to choose from for 2 scrapbooks. I’m not doing any special decorating in the books, but I do need to decide which photos to use and do some cutting. 563 is a lot of photos to look at. What I like about our shelving and carts is I can easily set out 6 or more scrapbook pages at a time so I can try different photos together on the pages before I tape them.  And when I’m done with the two books, I can roll all my supplies and photos on the cart into the back room or a closet. Considering my scrapbook cart is so easy to access and use, I know I will be making many scrapbooks. It's a lot more fun when you are organized.

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