Farm In Big Cities

July 30, 2021

Farm In Big Cities

Just because you live in a big city in an apartment or condo does NOT mean you can't grow your own vegetables, lettuce, fruits and herbs. It just means you have to do things differently offers city dwellers 2 ways to grow their own veggies, herbs and fruits on our heavy duty and recycled plastic shelf units. Our made in the USA shelf systems are easy to assemble/disassemble, portable, weatherproof, lightweight, chemical resistant, durable, long-lasting, multipurpose & useful. 

All of our multipurpose shelf units are modular. Each shelf can also stand alone on its 4 legs. We have 6, 12, and 24 inch legs, depending on the product, so you can move the shelves around how they best fit your needs. The legs pull out of the sockets easily.

Our Multipurpose Container Garden shelves also make excellent potting benches. And when you aren't using the shelves to grow or plant on, you can use them indoors or outdoors as tables, workbenches, work carts, tv stands, laundry folding stations, art desks, puzzle tables,  portable card tables, storage shelves, chemical storage, craft tables, party tables, garage sale tables, standing desks for adults, standing desks for toddlers & kids, portable desks, mobile desks, carts and much more. 

Utility carts & shelves on wheels are also available. Roll your plants, equipment and belongings around the studio or office with our multipurpose and portable utility carts.

If you don't like the black, sleek, made in the USA with recycled plastic (HDPE) industrial look of our shelf systems in your home or office, you can always cover them with a tablecloth, disassemble quickly, and or put in a closet.

Option 1: Container Garden Outdoors On The Balcony Or Rooftop! 

You can Container Garden outdoors with seeds that you grow indoors on the same shelves to get a head start or you can skip the seed growing and buy seedlings from a nursery, plant shop, Home Depot or local farm store.

In the photo above is one 36"L X 16"W X 30"H 2 shelf unit. Since each shelf can stand alone, this 2 shelf unit can also serve as one shelf on 24 inch legs and another shelf on 6 inch legs like in the photo above. The shelf in the back left is the top shelf standing on its 24 inch legs, and the shelf behind the dachshund is the bottom shelf on 6 inch legs.

If you are growing on the rooftop, I would suggest the 16, 24, or 36 inch wide 4 shelf units. It's whatever fits your space best. If you bought a 4 shelf unit, you could separate the 4 shelves and use them as 4 different tables to grow on. 3 tables would be on 24 inch legs and one would be on 6 inch legs.

If I still lived in NYC in an apartment, I would get the 16 inch ventilated shelves (below) to container garden on the balcony because they are only 16 inches wide so they won't take up too much of your balcony.  I'd get this and this to Container Garden on outdoors & indoors year-round.

If you need help choosing the right shelves, measure your space and email the dimensions and what you want to grow, and we can help you choose the best options to fit your space. We can also help you find good containers to grow in if you would like help  

16 inch wide four  shelf units are below. They also come in two and three shelf units.

*16 inch wide shelves do not come in solid top.







Option 2:  Container Garden Indoors On ventilated shelves With Grow Lights.

Happy Leaf Made in USA LED lights hang perfectly from our ventilated top shelves. There are many different sized shelves to choose from.

I grew 90% of my Container Garden above indoors from seeds (below) on this 36"L X 16"W X 54"H ventilated three shelf unit. 

If and when you leave the city for good, bring these shelves with you or pass them on to the local store or neighbor. Our recycled plastic shelves LOVE to be reused. Customers use our durable shelves for decades. These are some of the most useful and multipurpose shelves for sale online.  

Workbenches are 15% OFF. Use code DIY15OFF at checkout. You can Container  Garden on the workbenches too. The difference between the 2 shelf units and workbenches is the workbenches come on 12 inch legs. 2 shelf units come on 6 inch legs. You can also take the legs off and lay the bottom shelf directly on ground and stack up.

Maximize space vertically on Or use each shelf separately.

 Create/Work on top, store on bottom. 

Tips I learned I learned from my container gardening inside and outside.

1. Get plastic containers with holes in the bottom. You have to have holes in the bottom of the containers for the water to drain out.  We offer containment trays for the overflow water and dirt. You can put your own holes in the plastic containers but I wasn't always  good at doing that so I don't suggest it.

We have had several days of rain all day. Heavy rain too. So some vegetable leaves look floppy. But the plants with bottoms like below look great because they could drain properly so I suggest containers with bottoms similar to below. 


2. Use Potting Mix only for Container Gardening. Miracle Grow works well. It's lightweight and more fluffy. Don't use Topsoil or anything other dirt. I didn't do my research on that and planted all of my plants in containers outside in the wrong dirt because it said outside and vegetable on the package! So after I realized that because my plants were not looking good, I had to empty all the containers full of heavy topsoil, scoop out my seedlings, and repot them in Potting Mix. They all survived. But a few never grew.

3. Fertilize after one month and once every two weeks ... I think. Read the bag. But don't forget.

4. Water once a week. I look every day. The tomatoes need more water.

5. Make sure they get sun every day. I got vegetables that all need about the same sun and water so that made it easier. If I can grow green peppers, jalepenos, cilantro, tomatoes, green beans and more on my small back porch than you can grow on your balcony if there is sun.

6. If no sun, grow inside with lights. I wish I would have grown more herbs. I am going to grow more herbs, vegetables and a lettuce garden indoors with lights. You should too. It's fun. But you have to get our Ventilated Shelves and these Happy Leaf Made in USA LED lights hang perfectly from our ventilated top shelves. 

7. I planted three weeks late outdoors and I fertilized three weeks late the first time so I feel my container garden is less that what it would be if I had done everything on time. So get the timing right when to plant outdoors. And fertilize on time. 

However, despite my mistakes my container garden is growing good. I do not eat enough vegetables so each vegetable I grow is exciting. And they are the best tasting vegetables I've ever had. I love being able to go to my container gardens, indoors and outdoors, to get fresh veggies, lettuce and herbs and you will too!

See our shelves.

This was the best cucumber I’ve ever had. My husband said, “This is good. It’s better than the ones you get at the store.”

Below are photos are my Container Garden and some of it’s harvest.









I just fertilized for the second time this morning so hopefully the vegetables will grow a lot!



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