Outdoor Firewood Racks Made With Industrial Plastic, Chemical & Weather Resistant

The temperatures in the Midwest got very cold during the recent polar vortex. So the day before the extreme cold temperatures and snow hit, I set up a Top Shelf Garage 3-shelf unit and filled it with firewood to show how our heavy-duty firewood racks hold up during extreme temps. 


Top Shelf Garage's multipurpose racks are made in the USA with industrial-grade plastic. They are chemical/weather-resistant, durable, and long-lasting. They can be used outdoors, all year round.  Our shelves come in solid and ventilated grid top.


For even more protection of your wood, check out Top Shelf Garage's variety of solid top units. Instead of putting wood on the top shelf, it can be used as protection to keep your wood dry. Our 2, 3, and 4 shelf units come with six-inch legs or you can just lay the 2 and a half-inch panel on the ground. Ventilated top racks are also available to help aerate the wood. 

When you are done using our multipurpose storage systems, cleanup is easy. Just spray off our modular racks, and use them all over your home and garage.

Check out our full line of products HERE.



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