Lift Your Delivered Groceries & Packages Off The Ground

August 09, 2021

Lift Your Delivered Groceries & Packages Off The Ground

A few months before Covid hit, I learned about grocery delivery. It was love at first site. I have gotten most of my groceries delivered every week since then. I also get other deliveries often because I prefer to buy things online.

Considering I am not here all the time when my groceries and packages are delivered, I like to know they aren't on the ground for little critters to possibly access. Also, in the past while my groceries were on the front porch, I have had large gusts of rain and snow blow all over my groceries on separate occasions. And my groceries just sat there in a puddle of water and snow. The packages were damaged. However, if your purchases sit on a ventilated shelf, the snow and rain will fall through to the ground.

So I decided to use a portable and ventilated 2 shelf unit for packages. Most of the time, I am not bothered by a black, made in USA with recycled plastic, ventilated 2 shelf unit on my front porch. However, when I don't want to look at it I can easily carry the lightweight & portable shelf unit inside. I put it in my closet by the front door. You can also dress it up with few potted plants, and move the plants onto the ground when you know your groceries will be arriving or ask them to put them on the shelf with the plants, if there Is enough room.

The two shelf above and below is a ventilated 2 shelf unit. It is 36L  x 16W x 30H. 

Our shelves last customers decades. They are chemical resistant, weatherproof, portable, durable, long-lasting, portable, easy to assemble/disassemble, multipurpose and useful. You will be able to use our shelves for much more.

See more grocery and package delivery 2 shelf units HERE. For 6 inches higher, check out our Workbenches.







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