Grow Your Own Vegetables, Lettuces, Herbs & Some Fruits In Containers At Home!

August 24, 2022

Grow Your Own Vegetables, Lettuces, Herbs & Some Fruits In Containers At Home!

Yes, you can grow your own vegetables, lettuces, herbs and some fruits in containers. You may not be able to grow everything in a container, but you can grow a lot! 

I am no expert, but I have been able to grow veggies, herbs and lettuces in containers for 3 years. I start from seeds indoors, on our shelves with LED lights, then transplant my seedings outdoors, on the same shelves, for our short growing season. 

If you’re new to container gardening, I hope the information below can help you get started  

What you need to grow in containers

If starting from seeds, you’ll need Seeds & Seed Starter Trays.

If you want to skip growing from seeds, you can buy already grown seedlings from your local farmer store, Home Depot or online to plant.    

LED Lights to hang from our heavy-duty ventilated shelves. I prefer to grow on our 16 inch wide ventilated shelves with grow lights. We also have ventilated 24 inch and 36 inch wide shelves. 

Large enough containers with holes in the bottom to grow your seedlings to harvest.   

Water from a hose outdoors or indoors from tap.  I used bottled water on my seedlings indoors.  

Gardening Shelves & Potting Benches

Seed Starting Potting Mix

Potting Mix

Fertilizer. I think Liquid fertilizer works better for containers. 

Gardening Gloves

If the plants grow upwards, you may want to get Cages to fit in their pots.

Below are some good container gardening resources.,of%20their%20vining%20growth%20habi


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