Chemical Resistant & Easy To Assemble Gun Cleaning Table


Organize your hunting supplies and clean your guns on TopShelfGarage's (TSG), 2-shelf workbenches.  Our durable and long-lasting benches are made in the USA with heavy-duty, recycled plastic (HDPE).  Don't worry about drips or spills, TSG's plastic is chemical-resistant and easy to clean up.  Our plastic is also weather-resistant and can be left outdoors.

Workbenches come in solid and grid top and are all 3 feet tall.  Stand or sit, they are just the right height. Set them up almost anywhere, TSG's systems are lightweight and easy to assemble/disassemble.

Check out our selection of quality workbenches HERE.

IMPORTANT: Due to static electricity retention, this is NOT suitable for an ammunition reloading bench.

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