Heavy Duty, Multipurpose & Long-Lasting Boot Trays

November 29, 2021

Heavy Duty, Multipurpose & Long-Lasting Boot Trays

Check out TopShelfGarage.com’s heavy duty boot trays. Made in the USA with heavy duty recycled plastic, our weatherproof & chemical resistant trays are durable and long-lasting. The trays have raised ridges to help your shoes & boots dry quicker, and measure at 30”L X 24”W X 1”H. As you can see in the photo above, our trays can fit 6 pairs of size 11 women boots comfortably. 

Our boot trays are helpful for snowy boots and dirty footwear. Having 3 dogs, all in their senior years, I have to let them out many times a day and often in the middle of the night.  Between all three of my dogs, I’m out there 15-20 times a day for their bathroom breaks and walks. So I have experience with the snow and this boot tray.   

We got a few inches of snow already so every time I take my dogs out, I slip on my boots and go out in the snow. When snow is on the ground like this, I always come in the house with snow stuck to my boots because I have to walk in the snow to get to where I need to go. And when I am done, instead of smacking the snow off outside and leaving my snowy boots outside or on the floor indoors, I can easily smack the snow off on the tray, then drop my boots and walk away. 

The snow will melt but the raised ridges lift footwear a little so they aren't submerged in water. Plus, the tray Is so large, the water has a lot of room to go which thins it out.

At the end of the day, I just pick up the tray and dump the water outside. Sometimes I don't even dump the water from the tray and my boots are not affected. The tray is convenient to weatherize and clean your boots on too.

When you're done putting boots on it, this tray can serve countless purposes. Just wipe clean with your favorite cleaner, and your tray will look like new.

Our color coded trays come in all black, red stripe, white stripe, blue stripe, and yellow stripe.


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