How To Add Another Shelf

September 01, 2022

How To Add Another Shelf

There are a few ways to add a Top Shelf Garage shelf to a shelf. The ways differ depending on if you are adding the shelf by yourself, if you have someone to help, and on your personal preference.

Option 1: In my experience, I find this the easiest way if you are by yourself. After inserting the legs into their assigned sockets of the shelf you are adding and inserting the leg connectors to the shelf you adding it to, lift the shelf you are adding with its legs, and set it on the shelf near the leg connectors as seen in the photo above. If you have someone to hold the other end of the shelf, it's easier to set the shelf and its legs directly on top of all the connectors at the same time. But if it's just you, then place the shelf near the leg connectors then lift each corner and middle legs on top of their connector individually. Next, tap the the top of the shelf at each leg, with a rubber mallet or 24 inch leg, to make sure the legs are firmly in place.

Option 2: After inserting the leg connectors to the other shelf, you can put each leg on top of the connectors, individually, standing straight up. The 24 inch legs will be a little wobbly this way, but you can place the shelf on top of the 24 inch legs  which are standing straight up. And guide each leg into their socket then tap the top of the shelf like in option 1 to make sure the legs are secure.

There may be other ways to put the shelves together, but those are the only 2 ways I am aware of. Assembling and disassembling our shelves is easy once you know how. See assembly instructions for our 24 inch wide Two, Three, and Four shelf units HERE.




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