How A Long-Handle Tool Cart Makes Spring Lawn Care Easier

Spring is in full bloom and if you haven’t maintained your lawn properly over the years, so are weeds, crab grass and bare patches all around your yard. Maintaining a healthy lawn takes a lot of work, however, organizing and prepping for spring lawn care makes it much easier.

At the end of fall, after cleaning and sharpening my tools, I stock my long handle tool cart with spring lawn care tools and supplies. I load it up with a rake and thatcher rake, a shovel, trowel, weeder, fertilizer, weed killer, pruner, grass seed, trash bags, scissors, gardening gloves and anything else I may need. When spring arrives, I simply roll my fully prepped tool cart out of the garage, and into the driveway with all my spring lawn care tools and supplies in one mobile and centralized location.

The first thing I do is yard cleanup. I grab my gardening gloves, a rake, and trash bags from my tool cart. Then I remove everything from my lawn that doesn't belong such as leaves, sticks, weeds, branches and litter.

After lawn cleanup, I take out the thatch rake from my tool cart and manually dethatch my lawn.

Next, I use my hard-toothed lawn rake and grass seed to repair the bare patches in my lawn.

On any bare patches of ground, skip the herbicide and opt instead for grass seed. Be aware, however, that if you’re planting grass in the spring, it’s going to need lots of TLC during the hot summer months—that is, consistent watering and regular weeding—and you’ll most likely have to seed again in the fall. READ MORE

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Next, it's time for weed and feed. Apply according to the package directions, but be careful that you don't get the weed and feed on your newly seeded bare patches.

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No more running around looking for this or that. A fully stocked and organized tool cart helps make spring lawn care much easier.  Just roll your long handle tool cart back in the garage, stock it up, and you’ll be ready for next time. Yard work doesn’t need to be a complicated and exhausting task. By planning the work and equipping yourself with the right tools, you can save time, effort, and a whole lot of trips back and forth to the garage or shed.

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