Indoor/Outdoor Potting Benches & Tables

March 22, 2021

Indoor/Outdoor Potting Benches & Tables

Looking for shelves to garden and or grow on indoors? If so, check out's heavy duty shelf systems and workbenches.

Our shelf units are made in USA with heavy duty recycled plastic. They are modular, strong, sturdy, multipurpose, portable, chemical resistant, weatherproof, easy to assemble/disassemble, durable and long-lasting.

Plant your seeds on top and store supplies on bottom.

*Garden & Grow shelves on wheels and three and four shelves are available.

Clean up is easy. Just wipe clean!

Then after planting and wiping clean the modular shelves, you can grow on them indoors with lights. And when the time comes, you can bring them outdoors to container grow.

I use ventilated top shelves to grow inside because I found the perfect made in USA grow lights to hang from the shelves. In about 8 weeks, I'll transfer my seedlings to container grow on our weatherproof carts on my back porch.

See all of our shelf systems @

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