Indoor & Outdoor Small Space Container Garden Shelves

July 06, 2021

Indoor & Outdoor Small Space Container Garden Shelves

If you can't grow veggies & fruits in the ground for whatever reason, then container gardening is a great option. I grew 90% of the vegetables above indoors from seeds in containers on's ventilated shelves. My Happy Leaf lights hang perfectly from our ventilated shelves below.   

Trays are available to put underneath the shelves to catch the water and dirt.

Not only can you container garden indoors on these shelves but you can bring the same shelves outdoors to container garden on outdoors year round.  The 3 shelf above can be 3 separate shelves to grow. Each shelf can stand on its own as you can see in the very top photo. The middle row is one of the indoor shelves above standing on its 24 inch legs.

Our shelf units come in solid and ventilated top panels. We have a variety of different sized (Length Width Height) shelf systems with different weight capacities.

We offer modular 2,3,4 shelf units, mobile shelving, utility carts, platforms, workbenches, containment trays and The Stacker.

Made in USA with heavy duty recycled plastic, our shelves are weatherproof, chemical resistant, durable, long-lasting, modular, easy to assemble/disassemble, lightweight, portable useful, multipurpose & more. So when you are done container growing on your shelves, you can easily wipe clean and reuse all over the home, garage, basement, outside and more.

Customers have used our shelves decades. They are some of the most useful shelf units for sale!



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