Heavy Duty Indoor, Outdoor, Portable & Rolling Potting Benches

November 27, 2020

Heavy Duty Indoor, Outdoor, Portable & Rolling Potting Benches

Top Shelf Garage's 2-shelf units and 2-shelf workbenches make the best indoor and outdoor potting benches. Work on top and store on bottom, our shelves are modular, strong, sturdy, portable, easy to put together/takedown, durable, long-lasting, chemical/weather resistant, multipurpose and more.

Our shelves come in solid & ventilated top shelves.

These lights are the best. They worked PERFECTLY with our shelves. You just take the rope on both sides and pull it throw a hole (which there are several to choose from) then pull down the stopper. It took me a few minutes to set these lights up. See the Made in USA LED grow lights @ https://happyleafled.com 

We also have potting benches on wheels with brakes to work on and to transport pots, soil, supplies & heavy equipment.

Don't worry about getting our benches dirty or wet or leaving that mess on the bench. Our shelves won't rot or rust. Just wipe clean.


* Our workbenches stand 6 inches taller than the 2-shelf units.








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