Keep Salt From Hardening By Raising It 12 Inches Off The Ground

February 19, 2021

Keep Salt From Hardening By Raising It 12 Inches Off The Ground

My coworker used to own a company that did snow plowing and salting. He said he would buy salt by the pallet to be prepared for snowstorms. But he found that if he stored the salt bags on the concrete, the salt would harden in the bag, leaving him with salt that was no longer easy to spread.

He informed me that bagged salt naturally pulls in moisture. And that concrete is porous so it can absorb moisture from the air. When salt bags are directly on concrete, the salt can pull that moisture from the concrete into the salt causing the salt to harden. My coworker said he found that when he raised the bags off of the concrete, the salt was good for the next season.

I also asked the woman at the water softening company, where I got all the salt, if their water softener salt would harden if placed on the concrete. She their bags are made for that. But, over time, even in their luxury bags, the salt will harden a little, and you'll have to break it up.

So lift your salt 12 inches off the ground with heavy-duty storage platforms.

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