Keep Your Rug Off The Floor While It Dries

January 05, 2022

Keep Your Rug Off The Floor While It Dries

My 100 year old Chiweenie had an accident on the living room floor during the middle of the night. I must have not heard her yip at me. She would not like that I wrote a blog about her accident. This isn't a normal thing despite her kidney disease. She's a good girl and I take her out a lot. With the subcutaneous fluids I have to inject in her every other day for the rest of her life, meds, & Omega she has lived the best 2 months of her life.

It wasn't a very big accident so I dried up what I could then steam cleaned it with the dog carpet soap and a carpet cleaner. After, the rug was very wet and I didn't want it to wreck the wood floor beneath it. I needed something to lift just the area that I steam cleaned so I looked at my available shelving, and ended up using the bottom shelf of a 36 X 16 ventilated shelf unit.

The ventilated panel was on 6 inch legs. I could have just used the panel alone too. The panels are 2 and 5/8 inches tall. Either way, the holes in the ventilated shelves help the rug dry. So I turned on the fan above. I eventually flipped the rug over to dry the other side.

If I would have cleaned the entire rug with a carpet cleaner, I would have put 3 longer ventilated shelves underneath to help it dry. This is why it's helpful to have several of our shelf units all over the house.

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