L Shaped Sit Stand Desk

August 15, 2022

L Shaped Sit Stand Desk

Check out our Workbenches. They make the best Sit Stand Desks. Standing at at 36 inches tall, our workbenches are a good universal height. For 6 inches shorter, check out our two shelf units. To lift your monitor and or laptop 6 inches higher, check out our storage stackers. 

Made in the USA with heavy duty recycled plastic, our shelf systems are modular, lightweight, portable, easy to assemble/disassemble, durable, long-lasting, weatherproof, chemical resistant, and multipurpose. Our shelf units are some of the most useful and simple shelves for sale online. You can set them up and take them down in a couple or few minutes. Since they are modular, you can also put them together in different ways. For example, the (upside down) L shape above. For a Sit Stand Desk, this is my favorite set up because it gives me a lot of room and storage space for my monitor, laptop, printer, supplies, etc. I can stand or sit on a chair/stool at this 36 inch high desk.

We have several different sizes of workbenches for you to choose from. Since our shelving is easy to assemble and move, there are many different ways that you can arrange our shelving. Measuring your space then drawing it out, with the workbenches you want, is helpful if you're interested in using more than one shelf unit.

Move the shelf on the right, in the photo above, a few feet to the left and it would look like a T. Or you could get a 3rd workbench of the same size and make an H shape. You could get 4 workbenches of the same size and make an enclosed square shape. You can also put together different length and width workbenches because they are all the same height. There are so many different arrangements you can do with our workbenches. 

You can also combine solid and ventilated shelves into one unit of the same dimensions with our shelf add-ons.  We have 6,12, and 24 inch legs which are interchangeable.  Please don't exceed 4 shelves high.

Checkout out workbenches HERE.


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