Mobile Laundry Folding Station With Storage


I think the worst part of doing laundry is folding!  So instead of making it a priority, it is too easy to throw clean clothes on the dining room table, floors, beds, couches or just leave them in baskets.  Some people even live day to day out of these piles. However, laundry doesn't need to be a neglected task.

Folding clothes isn't so bad when you are working from a functional, flat surface from which you can organize, fold, and store your clothes. How about a station that you can load up with clean clothes and baskets, then roll in front of the television? Watching TV while folding makes the task much less annoying.

Top Shelf Garage (TSG) has a variety of differently sized plastic utility carts with brakes that can serve as a laundry folding station.  If you hang more than you fold, our grid top units may be a better fit (see below).

TSG's products are made Made in the USA from heavy-duty, recycled plastic which is chemical/weather resistant, durable and long-lasting.  When you are done folding, the cart can be used for other purposes around the home, indoors and outdoors.  

For those who prefer a laundry folding station without wheels, our portable and lightweight workbenches and two shelf systems are the perfect height to stand or sit while you fold.  Like our utility carts, when you are done with your laundry, you can use them for so much more around the home.

Check out our selection of carts, workbenches, and two shelf systems.   

 Then roll the utility cart to the rooms and or stairs and put clothes away.

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