Lightweight, Modular, Portable & Chemical Resistant Car Wash Cart

June 25, 2021

Lightweight, Modular, Portable & Chemical Resistant Car Wash Cart

Check Out Our 2 Shelf Carts. These carts are some of the most useful, multipurpose, & chemical resistant carts ever. They can be used for countless purposes, indoors and outdoors.  So when it's time to wash your car, just load up your car wash cart, and roll it to your automobile.

Our Rolling Car Detailing Carts come in many different sizes. Solid and ventilated shelves are available. And when you are done cleaning your vehicle, you can use your cart for some much more. Store supplies on bottom, work on top.

Our carts are lightweight, modular, and portable. Bring them with you to work.

Made in USA with heavy duty recycled plastic, our weatherproof and chemical resistant detailing carts are durable and long-lasting. You don't need to clean the cart after use. But if you want, just spray clean with a hose.

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 Load up our carts with the things in your car. while you clean. 





Then when you are done, you can use the cart for so much more. 



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