Mix & Match Solid & Ventilated Shelves In One Unit

January 27, 2022

Mix & Match Solid & Ventilated Shelves In One Unit

TopShelfGarage.com offers modulasolid shelf units or ventilated shelf units. We do not sell shelf systems with both solid and ventilated shelves in one. However, you can create your own shelf unit with both solid and ventilated shelves. Please do not exceed 4 shelves for stationary shelves or 3 shelves for mobile units.

The easiest way to mix and match our solid and ventilated top shelves is to order a solid top 2-Shelf Unit and a ventilated top 2-Shelf Unit of the same size. Then you will have 2 solid and 2 ventilated top shelves that can be used interchangeably.

However, if you already have one of our shelves or just want 1 shelf alone to use as a portable table around the house then Shelf Add-Ons are available.

Below is a 66L X 24W X 30H Solid 2-Shelf Unit. This unit comes with two solid top shelf panels. So to add ventilated shelves to this unit, your options are to buy another 2 shelf unit of this size but in ventilated shelves or to get a ventilated Shelf Add-On of the same size. 

Below is the matching 66L X 24W Shelf Add-On standing on it's 24 inch legs. Let's add it! 

As you can see below, on the 2 shelf on the left, I first put the internal leg connectors in the holes. Then I flipped the Shelf Add-On on it's side and positioned it closer. 

Next, I put the Shelf Add-On on top of the other shelf and positioned each leg over the top of the connectors. It's very easy. But everyone has their own preferences and style that they like to put the shelf units together. I suggest you read the assembly tips first. Having another person to help add each shelf is very helpful and necessary for many.

Below, notice the ventilated shelf is on top. You can still add one more shelf and move the shelves around  so that’s exactly what I did.  

I added one more ventilated shelf unit then moved the two ventilated shelves in the middle and the two solid shelves to the very top and bottom.  


Make your own shelf units here. Do not exceed 4 shelves for stationary shelf units or 3 shelves for shelving on wheels. Thank you.

Please contact us, if you have questions or need help choosing shelves. Customers use our shelves for many different purposes all over the home, garage, basement, and outside. Our shelf systems are made in the USA with heavy-duty recycled plastic. They are weatherproof, chemical resistant, durable, long-lasting, easy to assemble/disassemble, portable, useful, multipurpose & more.

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