Move Heavy Items With Our Heavy-Duty Utility Carts

February 19, 2021

Move Heavy Items With Our Heavy-Duty Utility Carts

Winter can be very brutal in the month of February. With below-freezing temperatures and continuous snow, it's hard to spend any time outside. But it's best to keep the driveway and sidewalks free of snow and ice for the family. So I went to get ice melt and water softer salt. The men at the store loaded my truck bed with ten 40 pound bags bag of water softener salt and five 10 pound bags of ice melt salt.

As a woman, I was not looking forward to unloading each bag of salt on the driveway and walking it to the garage. Then I remembered I could roll a utility cart to my truck bed, unload each bag of salt on to it, and roll it to the garage. So when I got home, that's exactly what I did. I was able to easily roll the 650 pounds salt on the snowy and icy driveway on a 48 X 24 X 30 solid top utility cart to a storage platform in the garage.

From there I just stacked them on a platform. It took me 2 just a few minutes.

The weight capacity of the carts is determined by the casters, not the number of shelves. Each caster holds 150 pounds despite the number of shelves. 4 casters = 600 pounds.  6 casters = 900 pounds. A 250-pound caster is available, please email if needed. 

TSG's carts are modular and come with brakes. Add 3 and 4 shelves for shelving on wheels. 


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