Halloween Shelves: Carve Pumpkins On Top, Decorate Our 2-Shelf Units, Pass Candy From & More

August 25, 2022

Halloween Shelves: Carve Pumpkins On Top, Decorate Our 2-Shelf Units, Pass Candy From & More

Carving pumpkins and decorating are a big part of Halloween. So is eating, passing out candy, & entertaining. Top Shelf Garage shelves can help you with it all. Made in the USA with heavy duty recycled plastic, our 2- shelf units, workbenches & utility carts are some of the most multipurpose shelf systems for sale. They are easy to assemble/disassemble, portable, chemical resistant, durable and long-lasting.

Let's look at a few ways you can use our 2 shelf units, utility carts, & workbenches this Halloween.

1. Carve Pumpkins On Top. Don't worry about the pumpkin guts, paints, and glitter ruining these shelves. Our chemical resistant shelf systems won't be bothered. Just wipe clean with Dawn dish soap or your favorite cleaner. As you see in the photo above, we carved pumpkins on a 66L X 24W 2 shelf utility cart. Our utility carts come with castors with brakes so they won't be rolling around as you carve.  See our stationary shelf systems HERE.

2. Candy Table. Decorate and pass out candy from our 2 shelf units and 1- shelf units. Solid and ventilated shelves are available.

3. Decorate Our Shelves & Serve Appetizers/Drinks On At Home 

You can tape things to our heavy duty recycled plastic shelves. You can also wrap lights, Halloween signs, garland, ribbons and more around our 24 inch legs.  Check out our ventilated shelves to hang decorations from the holes, weave lights in the openings, & more. 

When it’s time to eat/entertain, our 2 units provide the space. 

Or just decorate for fun.

Below is a 36 X 24 X 30 solid top 2 shelf utility cart.  

4. Standing Art Table For Kids. Kids love Halloween art. They can create on top of our 24 inch shelf add-on which is a shelf, without the connectors inserted, standing directly on its 24 inch legs. This makes a great standing art desk for younger kids, with parental supervision only. 

*No standing on the shelf add on.

4. Workbenches for older kids and adults. Use our workbenches to unpack decorations and to create on top. 

When Halloween is over you can easily clean our shelf units off and use them all over the house, garage, basement and outdoors. You never run out of ways to use our shelf systems at home. 

See more at TopShelfGarage.com


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