Number One Workbenches For 2022

June 20, 2022

Number One Workbenches For 2022

I googled best workbenches of 2022, and I didn't see Top Shelf Garage workbenches on any of the lists. But as I read the most desirable features of a workbench, we have what it takes to be number one. 

Our workbenches come in a variety of sizes. They stand at 36 inches tall. For 6 inches shorter, check out our 2 shelf units.  We also have workbenches on wheels with brakes, Our workbenches are modular so you can reconfigure them a few different ways. Made in the USA with heavy duty recycled plastic for over 40 years, our products have all stood the test of time. They are simple, multipurpose, & useful   

Below is a list of features of the Top 10 Workbenches of 2022. Top Shelf Garage workbenches are all of the below.


Easy To Assemble & Disassemble


Heavy Duty


Large Flat Surface

Storage For Tools & Other Essentials

Constructed From High Quality Material




Chemical Resistant

We offer 36 inch tall workbenches, 3O inch tall workbenchesworkbenches on wheels. We were born green.


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