Keep Your Firewood Off The Ground!

Do you want your firewood to last longer, burn hotter, and keep your hearth cleaner?  Well then, you need to keep it off the ground!

Storing firewood outdoors is better than storing it indoors because it is often dirty, infested with pests, and sometimes moldy or full of fungus.  However, firewood stored on the ground outdoors is often in direct contact with dirt and moisture which causes it to decay more quickly.  Plus, it allows a good environment for bugs, mice, and other vermin to live in.

So lift your firewood off the ground with's open-grid shelving.  Our ventilated panels allow airflow which reduces moisture and helps keep your firewood dry.  Our industrial grade plastic is chemical/weather resistant, durable and long-lasting. It won't rot, rust, or absorb water.  

World Forest Industries:

One of the things that will cause wood to degrade faster than anything, is if it has direct contact with soil. Wood in contact with soil creates a natural habitat for the bacteria, fungus and other organisms that consume wood. But if you are only going to store the wood for a few months to a year, it’s probably not going to decay much. But it will become a huge mess. The dirt will stick to the wood in huge clumps bonded by fungi and microbial body slime. It will also help keep the wood wet. So anything you can do to get the wood off the ground will help keep your wood clean and dry. READ MORE







To see more details about the 3-Shelf above, please click HERE.

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