's Shelf Units Are Modular. What Does That Mean?

September 08, 2021's Shelf Units Are Modular. What Does That Mean?'s shelf systems are modular. But what is modular shelving?

Wise Geek has a good definition below.

According to Wise Geek:

Modular shelving is shelving which is designed to be highly flexible. It can be put together and configured in a variety of ways, and is easy to break down, transport, and reassemble.'s solid and ventilated top shelves are extremely multipurpose & useful. They can easily be put together and configured in a variety of ways. Our lightweight shelves are easy to break down, transport and reassemble which makes them portable. Not to mention, customers use our shelves for decades.

Now that I am in the process of taking down my Container Garden, I'd like to try to show you better how our shelf systems are modular. 

Configuration 1. The Above 66L X 16W X 78H Ventilated Four Shelf Unit.

Let's Break It Down.

Configuration 2. Below is one 3 Shelf Unit  On 6 Inch Legs & One Shelf Standing On Its 24 Inch Legs.

3 shelf unitConfiguration 3. One 2 Shelf Unit On 6 Inch Legs And One 2 Shelf Unit Laying Directly On Its Bottom Shelf.

Configuration 4. One 2 Shelf Unit On 6 Inch Legs & 2 Shelves Standing On Their 24 Inch Legs.

Configuration 5. Three Shelves Standing Independently On Their 24 Inch Legs, And One Shelf On 6 Inch Legs.

Configuration 6. Lay the 2 5/8 inch high panels directly on the ground.

Let's build vertically.

 Configuration 7. Six Inch Shelf On Top. 

 Configuration 8. Six Inch Shelf In Middle. 

Configuration 9. Six Inch Shelf On Bottom.

In the next blog, see many more configurations that you can do with 6,12, and 24 inch legs and different sized shelf systems. has solid and ventilated top shelves. Mix and match the same size solid and ventilated shelf add-ons in one shelf unit. 

Also, shelving on wheels with brakes are available.

*Please do not exceed 4 shelves with stationary shelf units and 3 shelves on wheels. Thank you. 

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