Portable Camping Tables

July 11, 2022

Portable Camping Tables

Top Shelf Garage's utility shelvesplatforms, and workbenches make excellent camping tables. Made in the USA for over 40 years, our shelf systems are multipurpose, portable, lightweight, easy to put together/take downweatherproof, chemical resistant, durable, and long-lasting. The ways to use our shelf units never stops.

Our shelves are not folding tables. Instead, they are modular. Meaning, they come with shelves, legs, and connectors. You can set our shelves up in several different ways, other than shown on their product pages, that are very useful to campers. 

For instance, in the photo above is one 48L X 24W shelf standing on its 24 inch legs as opposed to being connected to another shelf. For camping, I find it best to pack a few different sized panels, solid and ventilated top both. And depending on the shelves I pack, I’ll need about 10-20 legs. No leg connectors necessary because I prefer to use one shelf units standing directly on their 24 inch legs on the grass, dirt or cement  We have small camping tables and large camping tables to meet your needs  

Some ways to use our shelves while camping are:

1. Unpack, store & organize on top.

2. Indoor & outdoor table. 

3. Standing workbench.

4. Coffee table.

5. First-aid stand.

6. Keep your belongings off the ground.

7. Use as a dining table, indoors and outdoors.  

8. Store your coolers, grilling supplies, and snacks. *Our shelves are not food certified.

9. Wash things on top.

10  Dry your wet towels, bathing suits, life jackets, and more on top of our ventilated shelves. Our ventilated shelves allow airflow and help things dry quicker.

11. Our shelf systems are heavy duty so they can hold a lot of weight. The weight capacity for the shelves can be found on each product page.

12. Meeting spot. 

13  Refreshment stand.

13. Game table.

14. Prepare your fresh fish on top.

15. And much more.  

Our shelves are easy to clean. Just spray with a hose, and clean with hot soapy water and dish soap if necessary. When you're done camping, you can reuse these same shelves all over your home and outdoors.

Customers have used our shelf system for decades. They are made to be used, set up/ taken down, and used almost anywhere.

See our all of our camping tables HERE    

How to travel with our camping tables.

I find it best to pack the shelf panels first in the truck bed or trunk.  In the photo below, there are 2 66L x 24W shelf panels on bottom with 2 smaller shelves on top of.  On the ventilated shelf on the left, sits one of our containment trays which also come in handy while camping. 

You can't see in the photo but behind the dog cage on the right, is a box with twenty 24-legs. That is just enough legs for 2 large camping tables and 2 small camping tables.


Then just put all your stuff on top the shelves, and you're ready to go. 


See our entire store HERE. On the left side of the truck bed is one ventilated panel with a red stripe  containment tray on top. Our trays are also very useful at the campsite. 

See trays at https://www.topshelfgarage.com/collections/trays.





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