Portable Desks

September 23, 2022

Portable Desks

My almost 15 year old dachshund wanted to sit on the front porch while I worked. He likes to stay out there for at least an hour on a nice day. But he doesn’t get much time outside without me so I needed to work on the front porch. I took the 36L x 24W x 24H top shelf off the right side of my desk (in the photo below), removed the leg connectors, and brought it outside to work on. I set the shelf on its 24 inch legs and put my computer on it (see photo above).

Top Shelf Garage has many different sizes of shelves. If you just want a one shelf unit that you can bring with you almost anywhere, check out our shelf add-ons. You can easily take the legs out and pack most of our one shelf units in your automobile. You could also get an entire unit and just break it apart when you need the extra shelf.

Considering it’s the perfect weather today, it looks like we will be on the porch all day thanks to this portable desk.

All of our shelves are made in the USA with heavy duty recycled plastic. They are modular, easy to assemble & disassemble, weatherproof, chemical resistant, durable, long-lasting, and multipurpose. See our entire store HERE. We will be having sales for the rest of the year that are posted in red at the top of screen.

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