Save Money & Make Money On Our Durable & Long-Lasting Shelf Units, Workbenches, Utility Carts & Trays

January 28, 2022

Save Money & Make Money On Our Durable & Long-Lasting Shelf Units, Workbenches, Utility Carts & Trays

With increased taxes & inflation, we have less money to spend so many of US are looking for a way to save money and make money. Let me try to explain how our modular shelf systems can help you save money and make money, if you use them often. Plus, our entire store is 20% off which is a great deal. offers: 2,3,4 shelf unitsshelving on wheelsworkbenches, utility cartstool cartplatformstrays and more. 

Made in the USA with heavy-duty recycled plastic, our shelf systems are durable, long-lasting, weatherproof, chemical resistant, easy to assemble/disassemble, portable, multipurpose and useful.

You can SAVE MONEY by using our multipurpose, useful, & long-lasting shelf systems for nonstop applications all over the home, garage, basement, and outdoors for a long time. Customers use our shelves for decades. 

Our helpful shelf units can be used in place of so many tables, workbenches, standing desks, sitting desks, shelving on wheels, utility carts, party tables, etc.. that you would have bought over a lifetime. The ways to use our shelf systems never stops. Also, using our shelves for dirty work and kid art will prevent you from damaging your nice furniture and floors. 

You can MAKE MONEY by using our shelf systems and workbenches to work, produce, draw, experiment, grow, and create on top. Our shelving provides you with a large and smooth area of heavy duty recycled plastic to work on and a bottom shelf to store your tools, equipment, finished products and more.

Our 2 shelf units and workbenches make excellent standing desks and sitting desks. The only difference is the workbenches stand 6 inches higher than the 2 shelf units.

Our utility carts also make excellent rolling desks.

Let me show you some of the different ways to use our shelf units and trays that can help you save and make money.

1. Work Cart- Bring your utility cart, with brakes, to work and use it how it best fits your needs.


2. Craft Table- Create on top, store on bottom of our 2 shelf units and workbenches. Then when it's time for the big show, bring the same shelves you created your crafts on to display your masterpieces at the show. 

 3. Display Table- Our shelf units are lightweight & easy to assemble/disassemble which makes them portable. So after you create your masterpieces on top, just wipe clean with your favorite cleaner, dish soap works well, and bring them to the show to display your products.

Our all black shelves are modular and look sleek. Ventilated and Solid  2, 3 and 4 shelf units are available. 

4. Chemical Storage - Don't ruin your shelves. Try our chemical resistant shelf systems.

Shelving on wheels is available.

5. Outdoorsman Shelf- Bring our weatherproof and portable shelf units and trays wherever you may go. Our lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble shelves are portable, and make excellent camping tables & up north tables that can be used indoors and outdoors. You'll never have to buy another traveling shelf or tray again!


6. Plant Shelves- Display your plants on our ventilated or solid top shelves. The ventilated shelves allow for more airflow to your plants.

7. Holiday Shelves. So much preparation & money goes into the holidays. We decorate, create, wrap presents, serve, party, entertain the kids, eat, play games etc... and always need different types of tables and shelves to store items on and to accomplish projects. Once again, can help you with it all. 

You can decorate our shelf units too. Wrap lights up our 24 inch legs. Tape things all over the plastic. Weave lights and ribbons through the holes of our ventilated shelves. Hang ornaments and candy from our ventilated shelves. There are so many ways to decorate our shelves. Who knew shelves could be so fun!

8. Pumpkin Carving Tables- Carving pumpkins is messy. But you don't have to worry about that mess ruining our shelves. Just wipe it directly into the garbage container, and wipe the shelf clean with water or your favorite cleaner.

9. Candy Tables- Decorate and pass out candy from our shelves. Below and above is one 36L X 24W x 24H shelf standing on its 24 inch legs.

10. Gift Wrapping Table- Wrap on top, store on bottom. 

*Our modular shelves can be set up a few different ways as you see below. The 12 inch legs of this workbench usually go on the ground. But instead, the 24 inch legs are on the ground. The 6,12, and 24 inch legs are interchangeable.

11. Closet Shelving- In smaller closets our 16 inch wide shelves work best. But for wider and larger closets, we have larger choices.

*16 inch shelves do not come in solid top.

12. Basement Shelves- Keep you belongings off the ground on our shelf units, mobile shelf units, workbenches, utility carts, mobile shelving and platforms. If your basement floods, our shelves will lift them off the ground and protect. 

13. Prepper Shelves- Our heavy duty recycled plastic shelf units work great for prepping because they are made in the USA with heavy duty recycled plastic. Our shelf systems last customer for decades, and they are also some of the most multipurpose and useful shelves for sale online. The ways you can use our shelves never stop.

Ventilated shelves allow for more airflow to your belongings to help keep them drier.

14. Color-Coded Containment Tray: Red, White, Blue, Yellow & All Black- Our trays were made to fit our 24 inch shelves and have raised ridges to help keep your belongings drier. They are one inch deep, and can be used for so many different purposes.

Containment Tray

 15. Boot Tray- Our trays were made to fit our 24 inch shelves, and have raised ridges to help keep your footwear drier.

16. Potting Tray. Made To Fit Our 24 inch wide shelves.

17. Indoor Potting Benches

18. Outdoor Potting Benches

19. Indoor Container Grow Shelves

20. Outdoor Container Grow Shelves



21. Garage Shelves


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