Save Your Back From Heavy Lifting With Multipurpose & Modular Carts

I needed to move the heavy flooring pieces from the back of a house to the front of the home. Each piece weighed about 40 pounds (excluding the piece of wood in the front) and they were all large, awkward, and jagged. I could barely pick each one up let alone carry them to the garage. However, I knew my multipurpose cart from could get them there easily.


 I set each piece of heavy flooring on the cart and easily rolled it to the front of the home.



These carts are very helpful in homes. And when you don't want to see it, they can be rolled in closets or covered with a cloth and used for storage.


See our selection of modular carts with storage HERE.  Made in USA with industrial-grade plastic, these carts are durable and long-lasting.


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