Save Your Back From From Heavy Lifting

May 13, 2019

Save Your Back From From Heavy Lifting

I ordered a new patio set this year. It came in boxes and was sitting in the garage waiting to be put together. 4 chairs, a table, and an umbrella didn't seem like a difficult task for my husband. However, the 4 metal chairs came in pieces in a 150-pound box, and for him to carry it by himself from the garage to the back porch would have taken a toll on his back. 

Thank goodness for Top Shelf Garage's modular carts because he could easily roll the heavy box through our home to the back porch.

Below is a photo of the 2-shelf on wheels after I took my possessions off. I use this multipurpose cart in the garage and around the entire home. Imagine what you could do with a cart like this! Roll it in a closet, take the shelf off and use it for a Kid's craft table, put a table cloth over it, let your husband use it when he is painting the house,  and so much more! Our carts are modular and they can also serve as 2,3 and 4 shelves on wheels.

Our utility carts and shelves are light-weight, industrial grade, and portable. They are easy to assemble and disassemble

 We have many different sizes with solid and ventilated top shelves.


I took off the shelf so he could easily get the heavy box on the cart.




Next, he carried the cart into the house.




Then set the heavy box on the shelf on wheels.



Now he (or I) could easily roll the 150-pound box on the cart through our house to the back porch.  

Save your back with Top Shelf Garage's carts! And when you are done with the heavy lifting, you can quickly put it back together for shelving, a table, or mobile shelf on wheels to roll around the home and garage.

Check out our industrial-grade plastic utility carts on wheels at the following link!


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