See How Our Shelves Hold Up In The Grass/Dirt Stacked With Wood After 4 Years

October 10, 2022

See How Our Shelves Hold Up In The Grass/Dirt Stacked With Wood After 4 Years

Check out Top Shelf Garage’s weatherproof shelves. I put two 36 X 16 inch ventilated shelves on the grass/dirt and stacked them with wood on August 14, 2017. I originally stacked the wood vertically, but I didn't want to have to look at a 3 shelf unit with wood every day so I removed the legs and put two of the shelves on the ground next to each other. As the seasons changed, I didn't even notice the wood was there.

We just burned the last of the wood a few days ago, and I was pleasantly surprised to see two 36 X 16 inch ventilated shelves laying under the wood because I was looking for these exact 2 shelves. I could not find them anywhere. lol

*The shelf on the right is turned upside down.

Let's see how the 2 shelves clean up after being outside for 4 years on the dirt/grass stacked with wood in the cold, snow, ice, heat, and rain. First, I knocked each shelf against a tree a few times to remove the grass, leaves, cobwebs etc.. Then I placed them on the ground and sprayed the shelves with a hose. While they looked clean when they were wet (below), when they dried you could still see dirt and smudges. So I wanted to clean them better. 

I set the two shelf panels on top of a 66 X 16 inch ventilated shelf unit standing on its 24 inch legs. Then I filled up a bucket with hot water and Dawn dish soap. Our shelves are chemical resistant so you can use your favorite cleaners.  


Next, I attached the 24 inch legs and sprayed everything one last time with the hose. I find wiping the shelves and legs dry with a dry dish towel helps erase any smudges.

After 4 years outside in the sun, snow, ice, rain, heat, and cold with wood stacked waste high, our shelves held up great. I inspected both shelves and I didn’t see anything different. So I added four 24 inch legs, and turned it into the 2-shelf unit below. Just like new! 

Made in the USA with heavy duty recycled plastic, our shelf units are weatherproof, chemical resistant, multipurpose, durable, long-lasting, easy to assemble & disassemble and portable.    

See our weatherproof shelves at

 *The 16 inch wide shelves do not come in solid top.  

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