Spring Cleaning: Organize Before You Clean

Last week, I wrote about Spring Cleaning and how the key to Spring Cleaning was a 3-step process.  Step 1: Clear the Clutter. Step 2: Organize. Step 3: Clean.  

Now that you've cleared the clutter by taking it to the road, recycling, donating, and having a sale if necessary, it's time for Step 2: Organize. It's impossible to do a thorough cleaning of your home when it is disorganized. 

So much has been written about organizing your home so below I link to 6 articles that I think will help motivate and inspire you. 

10 Lifehacks That’ll Trick You Into Cleaning Up & Organizing Your Place

A Place For Everything, Everything In It's Place

52 Totally Feasible Ways To Organize Your Entire Home

How To Organize Your Home (And Keep It That Way)

Room-By-Room Organization Tips

100 Ways To Get Organized


Check back next week for tips on Spring Cleaning!! 


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