Square Workbench: 36L X 36W X 36H

July 01, 2022

Square Workbench: 36L X 36W X 36H

Check out our 36L X 36W X 36H solid and ventilated top square workbenches. This workbench comes with two shelves, four 24 inch legs, four 6 inch legs, and 4 leg connectors. Our workbenches can be configured a few different ways. You can set it up like in the photo. Or you can remove the bottom 12 inches and set the first shelf directly on the ground. This is a good height to sit at in a normal size chair. You can also take the top shelf off and set it on its 24 inch legs on the ground. Then take the bottom shelf with its 6 inch legs and make it the top shelf.

Made in the USA for over 40 years with heavy duty recycled plastic, our workbenches and shelf units are easy to assemble/disassemble, portable, chemical resistant, durable, long-lasting, and multipurpose.

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